Stuck on "Importing Maven Projects"

In my project, I have this background task running "Importing Maven Projects", It has been over 30 minutes. The pom.xml file was deleted my IntelliJ when I didn't mean this to be deleted. Now, I believe it's looking for the pom.xml when it does not exist. I looked at the file system and the only thing I see is the .idea folder under my project, what happended to my source and all related files?

After waiting for 45 min,  I quit IntelliJ and restarted, opened the project and I see the "src" and "out" folders restored but pom.xml is permanently gone,

I have to rebuild the pom from scrach now.

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Hi Vijay,

Are you able to reproduce the problem all the time?

Please make an ide process' thread dump (or check if there are auto-generated dumps) and attach it/them here



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