the pax-runner jar in the Osmorc osgi plug-in only supports really old versions of equinox/felix

It hasn't been upgraded with intellij 12.  Only supports felix 3.2.1 and some old version of equinox.

When is this going to be updated?  It makes the osmorc plugin useless.


-> Installing platform

        /  /
       /  / Oops, there has been a problem!
      /  /  
     /__/   Platform [platform.equinox 3.8.2] is not supported

-> Exception caught during execution:
org.ops4j.pax.runner.ConfigurationException: Platform [platform.equinox 3.8.2] is not supported

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Unfortunately we can't give any timeframe when this will be implemented. Hopefully we'll be able to include it in a future update of 12.1, but unfortunately I cannot say for sure.


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