ActionScript 3 project show blank screen when package with IntelliJ

I have an AS3 mobile project, everything is working fine with intelliJ 12.0 with Air 3.6
Now I updated to intelliJ 12.1 and using Air 3.7 ASC 2.0 SDK to package the app for adhoc distribution.
I have successfully compiled the ipa but when i installed and open on iPad the app is having blank screen.
I have no additional  compiler options. and ASC 2.0 has been enabled for the SDK settings. Why is this happening while debugging works fine(fast packaging), showing all the UI i have in my app?

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Is it posiible to attach a sample project? You may attach it as 'visible to idea-developers' only to your issue.
If not then you can try playing with different options:
- try different versions of AIR SDK
- try different packeging types, e.g Debug with 'fast packaging' disabled, Run with fast packaging enabled/disabled, package for AppStore
- start with some simple working app and step-by-step make it close to the real one looking at what step it stops working

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Hi ok sure, i will post in youtrack


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