dataSources.ids corruption

Have been having problems with dataSources.ids getting corrupted with IDEA 12.1 Has happend on a couple of my projects on Linux now it just happened again on another project on Windows. Seems to occur after closing the IDEA project window (still had another open). Also did a VCS update (SVN) via the opened project just before closing it. Was just checking the updates applied to that project overnight. Project was only open for five minutes.

Event log message appears as:

11:45:26 Failed to load data sources: C:\Projects\FizzBuzz\.idea\dataSources.ids is corrupted. Backup copy dataSources.corrupted.20130418-114525.ids is created.

Nothing else is pointing at or changing these files, only IDEA no symlinks, junctions nor mounted folders either.

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Please attach the log file (Help | Show log) here or better in a  ticket at

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Struggled to find anything around 11.00am then I noticed your forum seems to be an hour out, or your timezone is GMT.

Reported IDEA-105784 around what I did find.


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