Tool windows can't be moved to other OS X Spaces

I would like to set up a system on my laptop where I can switch to another Space and have my Run/Debug windows. I set up a few Spaces but I was a bit disappointed that when I tried to move a tool window onto the other space, the whole of IDEA moved as well - turns out it's not possible to drag the tool windows on their own.

If I undock an editor window I can move it onto another Space - just not tool windows. Is this something that could be changed?


Actually, floating toolwindows are non-modal dialogs with custom decoration. They are owned by main IDE frame and it's the reason of such behaviour. Flaoting windows are designed for multi-screen systems, not for "Spaces".


I'm going to improve "Floating windows" behaviour. There is no issue in our tracker yet, but research is in progress.


Thanks, it would be much appreciated if this could be changed. It's a little awkward with all of IDEA's various windows packed onto one laptop screen


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