maven log location? download maven sources doesn't seem to work

In the past when i would browse to a class that I didn't have a maven source jar for yet, I could click the 'Download Sources' button and it would download the source.  Now all I get is a yellow pop-up saying 'couldn't download source for XXX'.

I imagine it might be a configuration problem as maven has no problem resolving the source artifacts from the command line, but I can't seem to find any log output anywhere showing what is going wrong in Intellij's maven.  The system log doesn't show anything.


Seee IDEA's log (Help -> Show log in ...)


Make sure
1 You don't check the "Work offline "
2   Go to the repository to check that the source code jar realy exist....


i know the the logs are, there just isn't anything useful in them :(.

definitely not offline, as it's able to download the artifact jar itself, just not the sources.  also the source jar definitely exists, as eg the command-line maven downloads it and after that intellij can see it in the local repo.


Do you have enabled File -> Settings -> Maven -> Importing -> "Use maven3 to import project" ? Try to enable/disable it


yes i did have it enabled.  when i disable it downloading maven sources works properly again.

so, new question: why? :)


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