beginner question

I get a messages like this:
9:11:26 AM Compilation completed with 32 errors and 2 warnings in 17
9:13:53 AM Compilation completed successfully with 4 warnings in 19

How do I get details?
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I think you might be looking at the Event Log window.  When you run the application you should get a Server output window or a RUN output window that will show the errors.
If you do not see these windows take a look at View > Tool Windows there are a lot of different options there that may help.

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Hi Roedy,

These are messages from the  "auto-make" feature. All errors reported by it you may find in the "Problems" toolwindow. If you invoke compilation explicitly, all results of this particular compile session will be presented in "Messages Make" toolwindow that will appear at the bottom.



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