Gutter Severity Stripes

Anyone else having trouble with custom stripes.

I added a new severity of Review, that fits between Warning and Info. That is, something I should look at when I have the time, but nothing that will cause an error; things like Redundant Initialization or Unused Assignment.

Sometimes, the customer severity is not showing up on the stripe gutter.

Also, I have had the wrong color show up in summary square a few times. I added a another severity(for testing purposes) between Review and Info, and the summary square would show this color, even then there was something at at a Review level that should have shown up.

But, before I filed a JIRA, I want to make sure that I was using this correctly, or am I missing something?


Custom stripe functionality almost works, but not quite! See
Filing another bug with your specific case never hurts.


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Seems IDEABKL-5178 won't get re-opened.


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