Shift-Enter (open file in current window) for 'open recent file'


Shift-Enter is not working for 'open recent file'.
Is there another shortcut for it?
Also is there an option to make 'open in current window' default?


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Do you mean "Recent Files" popup? You can select several files there with <Shift> and then open them all together with <Enter>, it works for me and I don't see the "Shift-Enter" problem.
Also, you can drag editor tabs outside the main IDE window in separate one, but "Recent Files" will open files in main editor area, not in the "custom". Is it the problem you've described?

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Yes, I meant the 'Recent Files' Popup.

If I have 2 or 3 panes and have fileA open in one pane but now my editor focus
is on another pane.. if I use the 'Open File' popup and press Shift-Enter for fileA
it's opened in my active pane regardless of what's in the other panes, but if I use
'Recent Files' it ignores it and switches the tab of some other pane where fileA is
open and switches focus to that which is very irritating for me.



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