facet editing is a nightmare

I just tried to create a ear/ejb/web project using existing sources (seam "seampay" example).
First Idea created many bogus facets - scanning the exploded archive
under the project root that was created by a previous ant build.

Then I have real trouble using the strange interface where a kind of a dropdown
puts the ui in different modes showing completely different controls.
There's just no way to quickly determine which facet to keep and which to delete.

Please can we have a way to quickly review facets and change their settings?!

Maybe just split the current "Facets" tab: List of facets at the top (there won't be that
many facets anyway plus the settings for the currently selected facets at the bottom.

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Been meaning to complain about this. +1

--Dave Griffith

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Facet editing interface is currently being reworked.


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