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although I've worked with IDEA for years, I very recently detected the Shelve function and thought it was what I needed for years.
But my experiences with it made me think if I understood it quite well.
Example: this morning I shelved a changeset which contained 10 files. Then I worked on a tiny other fix and committed it to CVS. Afterwards I wanted to resume my previous work and did "Unshelve changes". Astonishingly it opened the IDEA diff window for two files and reported problems. From the diff content I could not see why there should be conflicts. Because I didn't know what to do, I confirmed both files with OK and found myself with a non-compiling project. Furthermore I had some same files in the changeset and in the shelve and had no idea how to fix the situation.
That's why I reverted back to the version early this morning (before shelving) via IDEA local history. I repeated the shelve/unshelve process because I though I might have overlooked something, but the problem repeated and I still have no idea.
Any ideas what could be the problem?


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More information:

I tested with a patch, which in my understanding is the same as shelving apart from that my project is not rollbacked when creating a patch. I did:
- current changelist / create patch -> patch saved
- current changelist / rollback
- Shelf / Import patches ... (I pointed to my saved patch) -> patch appears on Shelf page with the patch name
- Shelf / right click on patch / Unshelve changes -> Patch applied to current changelist

This worked without any probleme, i.e. no conflicts reported.

So what is the difference between what I did with the Shelf and the patch?

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Actually, there is no difference between the shelf and patches.
Shelve/Unshelve is the same as Create Patch/Apply Patch with the only exception that shelved changes usually reside in a common place inside IDEA preferences, but the format and the applying algorythm is the same.

Is the problem you've faced with the shelf reproducible?

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> Actually, there is no difference between the shelf and patches.

Thanks, so my understanding was right

> Is the problem you've faced with the shelf reproducible?

Yes it is (my IDEA version is 11.1.5)

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Could you please try IDEA 12.1?
There were some fixes within shelf functionality, apart of other features.

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Currently we have no licence for 12. So I will use patch, rather than shelve, in the hope that it's a function which doesn't depend on IntelliJ code rather than adding a GUI to the well tested patch console program. Version control (also patch) is a critical thing and I have a lot of colleagues who therefore don't use the IDEA CVS integration. If you say there have been problems in IDEA 11 with the shelve function, this statement is "water on their mills" (as we say in german).

Thanks for the discussion.


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