SVN Merge/Integrate Project - am I doing something wrong?

Hi people. I'm having a bit of difficulty merging in 7065 (using subversion). Here is my problem:

I took a branch from the trunk and worked on that. Trunk development continued.

I now want to merge my work on the branch back into the trunk. (The work on the branch consisted of adding a few new files)

I opened the trunk project in idea and did: Version Control | Integrate Project. Source 1 was pointed at the trunk, source 2 was pointed at my branch.

The results were not what I expected. Basically, files that were updated on the trunk (after I branched), seem to have reverted back to the version in the branch (i.e. the version at which I branched). The files that I added seem to have been added ok.

Obviously I don't want the files reverting back. Also, files that were added on the trunk after the branch were deleted during the merge.

Am I doing something completely wrong here (by not understanding svn properly) or is this a potential bug?

Any advise would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Paul.

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Please ignore - I was being stupid - I didn't understand SVN!!!!


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