"Can not find declaration to go to" in JSP web resources with relative path

Project problem:
We are trying to make the code cleaner while still supporting deploying the same app into different contexts under Tomcat.

Current solution:
The best solution so far we found is to use the <base href="PATH" /> in the <head> section, and then make all the links inside the html relative to that base path.
The code then would look like:
     <base href="http://mysite.com/qa" />
     <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css">
And we are using the same approach for all the other links inside all JSP files.
It works just fine in Tomcat.

Idea problem:
But then we get a problem with navigating to all those relative links in Idea. Whenever we click on such a link we get "Can not find declaration to go to". Changing links to <link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/style.css"> of course works for Idea navigation, but then it doesn't work under Tomcat =)

Is there any way to make Idea using project Web Resource Directory setting as a prefix to resolve all these relative links? Or if there is any other solution to make navigation working with these relative links.


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I'd recommend against using <base> here, you might want to try JSTL's <c:url> for proper context-URL rewriting.

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Any particular reason against using <base>?
We have been using <c:url> for some time, and then switched to defining a context attribute in the base Servlet class, but anyway, all the links look like:
<link href="${ctx}/css/style.css" rel="stylesheet">
And develoeprs need to remember to add that ${ctx} everywhere, which is easy to miss.

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<c:url> will automatically take care of the current context (as your solution with ${ctx} does). Anyway, it's the standard of doing URL-rewrites in JSPs and as such perfectly supported in all IDEs.


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