Ability to close modules in a IntelliJ project

I'm using IntelliJ 11.x. My work currently involves working on various different (IntelliJ) modules all of which I import into my single (IntelliJ) project since they are related. But over time, some of the modules aren't required on a daily basis and I would like to "close" such modules so that they don't consume any resources when I load the project. Right now having all those modules open in that project, someitmes leads to a long wait time during reindexing. Is there a way I can close a module (and module groups) in IntelliJ?

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Hi Jaikiran,

You can always remove a module from the current project. That doesn't physically remove module files from a file system but effectively disconnects it from the project.


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Hi Denis,

Yes, that's an option. But I would like to avoid that since the close is really temporary maybe for a few hours or so and when I've to come back to that module, I'll have to re-import it again if I delete it from the project. Way back when I used to use Eclipse, they had a option where I could just "close" and imported "project" (which is equivalent to an IntelliJ IDEA module). I found that very useful.

Is this something that could be introduced as a feature?

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We have a feature request about that: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-27471.

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