How to specify custom as3 metadata in IntelliJ?

So, in the compiler options tab of a build config, I know I can do something like:

Additional Compiler Options: -keep-as3-metadata+=Inject

...but what would be the best way to specify any number of custom metadata?

Use the Keep Actionscript metadata dialogue?  Is there any help for this interface?


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you can edit it in your .iml file:

          <option name="additionalOptions" value="-keep-as3-metadata+=Inject -define=CONFIG::debug,true" />

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What's wrong with 'Keep ActionScript Metadata' dialog? Well, code completion can make it better, but what else do you want to improve?

Yes, alternatively you can set additional compiler options -keep-as3-metadata+=Metadata1,Metadata2,Metadata3

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I don't see any advantage in direct editing of the IML file. It's a hacky way of doing simple things, and it's on your own risk.

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Thank you for your responses:

This format I knew:
Additional Compiler Options: -keep-as3-metadata+=Metadata1,Metadata2,Metadata3

But the IntelliJ Keep Actionscript Metadata dialogue works but clicking + ? Then adding the String representing the metadata name?  There's not really any 'help' bulit in for this dialogue, so a slightly educated guess tells me, just add the Strings, one by one.  Correct?

How about getting the IDE to recognize a metadata tag and its attributes?  There seems to be a .dtd file listing some known as3 metadata... Can I add to this somehow?  That would be really fantastic.

Thanks for your time!

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Yes, via dialog you need to click [+] (Alt+Insert on Windows) and add Metatata tag name, click [+] again, add next Metadata tag, etc., one by one. Yes, code completion in this field is easy to implement and it would make the dialog much better. Please file a usability request for that.


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