7051 and before don't start on Vista unless I 'start as Administrator'

7051 and before it shows the splash screen for a split second and then dies on Vista unless I tell it to run as Administrator.

I get no logs in the .IntelliJIdea70\system\log directory.

I tried both JDK5 and JDK6. Both run fine as administrator.

It very well might be an environment issue but there were a few IJ builds that actually ran fine as normal user.

I have IJ installed only for the current user (default option).

Please help.


No problem for me with same set up (7051 installed for current user only, Windows Vista Ultimate) running on JRE 1.6.0_01.

No need for me to run as administrator.


JetBrains, what is the next step / test?



are you running Live OneCare? I just uninstalled OneCare (I was waiting for the new version of ZoneAlarm) and the problem just went away...


No, not running Live OneCare.

I am running Webroot Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus. I shut it down but it didn't help.

The computer, btw, is a Dell D620.



Shame. Seemed like a good theory.

I went back and ran 7041. It still will not run as anything other than Administrator. 7051, on the other hand is running correctly. Have you tried 7051?


Yes, that's what I'm running. I've tried, btw, both Java 5 and Java 6, same on both.


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