Pure AS project fails to Embed assets.


my pure AS project does not handle asset embeding.

It gives [assetTest]: AssetTest_PicTest.as: The definition of base class BitmapAsset was not found.

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Ok... I see the problem.

Embed functionalyti is in flex related library, that is ommited in pure AS project.

To solve it you can switch to flex or just add framework.swc to your libs. (In my case it was in C:\flex-sdk-4.9.0\frameworks\libs)

I would recomend strongy adding it by default to pure AS3 projects.

Embedin is standart practice... and not having it working wastes lot of time for new IntelliJ AS3 programmers and costs much more frustration then having some not needed mx classes in it.

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Probably that's a bug that core.swc from Apache Flex SDK doesn't contain mx.core.BitmapAsset class. There's no such problem with Adobe Flex SDK 4.6 because in Adobe's distribution BitmapAsset class is included both in core.swc and in framework.swc. I think I'll contact Apache Flex SDK developers on the issue.

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Yes, it appeared to be a known issue of the Apache Flex SDK 4.9. Fixed for the next SDK release: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLEX-33417


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