Javascript hinting differences between IDEA 12 and WebStorm 6

Hi -

I'm wondering if I'm missing a configuration option, or if this is an instance where the two IDEs work differently.  I've attached a zip file with my test javascript and screencaps of several different variations in WebStorm and IDEA.  In all cases, WebStorm's behavior is preferable for me.

In the simplest example, I create a new javascript object (MyClass1) and add a single property (instanceProperty) to the prototype.  I then instantiate a new instance of that object, and open up the default completion list.

IDEA WebStorm
idea12_0_4_scenario1.png webstorm_scenario1.png

Note that in the WebStorm version, instanceProperty was bubbled to the top of the list, whereas in IDEA the property remains in alphabetical order with all the other potential properties.

If I type a little more, you can see that IDEA does think instanceProperty is a better guess, as instanceProperty is bolded.

IDEA after typing ".instance"
I tried a couple different methods (adding the property in the constructor, prototypal extension, closure jsdocs) in the attached zip and got the same results in all instances. Is there a way to make IDEA perform like WebStorm in this regard, or should I submit a feature request?


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Hi, Brad!

Please ensure that checkbox "Sort lookup items lexicographically" in Settings | Editor | Completion is disabled. This also could be done by clicking small A letter in bottom right corner of completion popup.

Best regards,

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Perfect, that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!


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