PMD Doesn't Work in Maven/Git Projects

I'm trying to use the latest version of PMD in a Git/Maven project, but it always reports zero problems. Even if I try to do the PMD check on the
entire project, it returns zero violations.

Eclipse finds lots of PMD issues using the same project setup.

Is this another IDEA bug or is there something "special" you need to do for PMD to work outside of standard Java projects?

Confusing behvaior, again.

Thanks in advance.

- m

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Am I right understanding that you're talking about one of the third-party pmd plugins?


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HI Denis,

Yes, I'm referring to the PMD plug-in. This plug-in checks source code for problems.

It's somewhat disappointing to note that this plug-in hasn't been updated (for Intellij IDEA, that is) in years, where as the Eclipse version of the plug-in was updated already this year.

Are you able to reproduce this problem?

So, what's next?


- m

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It's a little bit strange that you ask jetbrains team to support a third-party plugin, doesn't it?

Standard approach is to contact plugin's author and tell her/him about the problems instead.


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Hi Denis,

Well, actually, I was posting here on the "Developer Community".

However,  with such a popular plug-in as PMD, I think there's a certain "Expected  Level of Performance" from an IDE. IDEA lets me down often in this  area.

As I said in my reply above, I don't have a direct route to contact the PMD people.

I actually think it's "strange" that IDEA isn't better tested as I've found three significant bugs (in 12) in the past few months.

The unsupported plug-ins or plug-ins with inoperatiblity bugs (like PMD in some circumstances as I've reported here) are readily available on the IDEA plug-in page.

(That's "strange" too.)




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