Phpstorm or IDEA?

Hi There!
I am  currently using the phpstorm 30 days trial and I of course decided to purchase it and make it my first php development IDE, but sometimes i need to do some java development and i noted that Jetbrains developed also IDEA, but now i saw that IDEA is not only a java development ide but also a PHP IDE and others.

The question is, IDEA is full featured like php storm so if i buy IDEA I have a platform for both JAVA and PHP or is better if I buy IDEA and PHPSTORM?

Thank you,


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Hi Lorenzo,

In short yes, PhpStorm is an IntelliJ IDEA subset. Please check this thread, it provides more information on the subject.


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Thank you, i'll buy both.


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While I love JetBrains and their products greatly,  and want them to do well, -- and I do not think I've ever tried to talk someone out of buying a JetBrains product -- I also don't want to see you spend more of your hard earned money than you need to, I personally do not see any advantage to buying both. When the free PHP plugin for IDEA is installed, there is nothing in PhpStorm that is not in IDEA. So buying PhpStorm in addition to IDEA seems redundant and an unnecessary expense. The only two advantages I see to buying both are:

1) You want an IDE that is
just PHP and Web development focused at times so there is less "clutter"

2) PhpStorm (sometimes) gets its updates prior to the IDEA PHP plugin. But to my knowledge, the IDEA plugin only lags behind by a few weeks at most.Usually not even that.

Item #1 can be dealt with by having two configurations for IDEA. One that is full blown, and one that has most plugins (except the PHP plugin and the Web support plugins for example) disabled. That way, it is for all intents and purposes identical to PhpStorm. You can then start either, or both. If this is of interest, I can provide instructions on how you can configure this.

So that only leaves item #2.So I guess you just need to ask if that is worth $99.

I hope that helps.


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