AndEngine and Bluestacks issues

Hello all,

As a C# intern developer who pretty much now swears by ReSharper, a recent contract to design game programming courses has brought me back to Java again after a brief hiatus.
Returning to Eclipse, I quickly found myself liking it even less than I did before.

Some searching helped me to find IntelliJ idea, but the same projects I have all set up in Eclipse don't seem to work right in IDEA.

To set up an example a more experienced IDEA user can maybe try themselves, if they'd like to help me pinpoint my issues, I'd like to explain the setups I am trying to recreate.

I'll stick with one for now until I can get it working before describing the other one.

In this setup, I have all the projects on this repository:
loaded in Eclipse, where all depend on the base AndEngine project, and the AndEngine examples project depends on it along with almost all of the extensions.

As the projects use GL SE 2.0 they do not run well on the regular emulator, so I found I was able to launch to the Bluestacks android player and have the examples run at native speed:
Here's a setup guide I made for a friend for Mac OS, which is the platform I'm attempting to get IDEA working on (I can also use Windows as a fallback option):

Needed this one to get Eclipse to see Bluestacks

Needed this one to add adb to the command line

So to reiterate, these are the two problems I'm facing:
1. I am not sure how to set up the projects that need to depend on each other in IDEA, in Eclipse it's simply a matter of adding Libraries in the build path.
2. If I try to deploy to Bluestacks, I consistently get a "version too high" error, even though the same process works fine in Eclipse.

If anyone could help me get set up it would be much appreciated, I am itching to permanently migrate from Eclipse to IDEA if I can. Thanks

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