tomcat never stops - getting skeleton icon


I have recently got a problem where tomcat does not stop between restarts & a "skeleton" icon appear that allows me to kill the process. This happens ever time and is getting quite annoying - does anyone know why intellij cannot stop tomcat or how I can debug this issue further? PS - this happens in tomcat 6 & 7 and has been happening on & off in all versions of 11..



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I have this same problem, is there any idea why?

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We get that too, but in our case I know it's because our webapp won't terminate sucessfully on it's own. Often takes a kill -9 to stop it. So I'd try deploying your webapp to a vanilla tomcat outside of IDEA and see it you can use the manager to start, stop & redeploy it.

It's things like connection pools, external processes that keeps ours from quitting. Often see "likely to cause memory leak" warnings in the tomcat logs.

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When you press 'Stop' button IDEA just calls the shutdown script configured on 'Startup/Connection' tab of the Tomcat run configuration, which uses
'catalina.bat stop' command by default. So it looks like you have some problem in your application or the Tomcat instance which prevents Tomcat from

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