How to suppress all inspection (including errors) in one file/class in Actionscript

Sometimes you use in your code third party libraries which don't have stellar code (for example Mochimedia's API) and because of that, if you run full code inspection they are there clogging your results. I know how to suppress single statement, but there seems to be no option to suppress them for class or whole file in *.as files. Not to mention I have no idea how to suppress error detection. Is it even possible?


Thank you, I didn't know about the scopes!


I know about scopes, but these do no solves my need to suppress inspection for specific files not only locally but *team-wide*.

- provided XML, JSON, Text, ... files

- Third party Javascript files

Furthermore, a few set of inspection do not work if you use them with a scope restriction (i.e. most of the "Unused" inspections).

Does IDEA 2016.2 already provide more means to do this now?


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