Still stuck on version 10.5.4 until JSP editing performance in version 11 improves...

I gave up on version 11 on it's initial release due to unusably slow JSP editing performance earlier in the year.

I just checked back using version 11.1.3 8 months later and it's still unusably slow.

Making minor white space or single character edits causes the eye to pop up and editing to freeze for 30 seconds to a minute.

I'm using the exact same idea.exe.vmoptions memory settings on 11.1.3 that I'm using on 10.5.4, and 10.5.4 has an initial shorter freeze first analyzing this JSP but nothing like this during editing the file!

I'm editing an 866 line long JSP using the following taglibs:

Any suggestions on anything I can do here? (Besides just wait for version 12 to see if this is ever fixed? Heh.)


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I just fired up the initial release of version 12 and it's still unusably slow on JSP editing performance the same way the version 11 series was.

I started up version 12 with the project & structure view open and only my single JSP file of 1033 lines opened and waited until all background tasks including inspections were complete.

I started capturing a CPU snapshot, and went into the file and hit enter to add a single blank line.  Editing locked up completely for close to a minute re-inspecting the file.

I stopped capturing once the inspections were complete.

I uploaded my CPU snapshot here:

I REALLY hope someone at JetBrains can address this.  I'd really like to upgrade to a later version, and version 12 seems much faster otherwise.

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I submitted a YouTrack bug report for this at

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Thanks Alex! I've looked at the snapshot, and it looks like at least some performance improvement can be achieved very easily. We'll try to address this problem in one of the forthcoming IntelliJ IDEA 12.0.x updates.

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IDEA Ultimate 12.1 EAP (build #IT-128.101) seems to have fixed my problems.

I have the Structure view open and all stock JAVA/JSP/HTML inspections turned on and editing of my JSP pages is now finally usable and in fact much more responsive than in my old 10.5.4 version!

Thank you!  Now I get to finally explore all the new features in version 11 and 12. (-:


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