Path for IDEA to resolve files in web page don't match deployment path

I believe this is doesn't happen only in EAP, but since I'm using it, that's probably the place.
I've read a lot of thread about the problem but none gave me a hint on how to solve it.

To put it simply, I have this snippet in my page:

@import "../web/styles/style.css"; the href works in IDEA, the IDE can find my files, but doesn't work when deployed the ]]></span> import works when deployed but IDEA find it in error.<br/><br/>I've setup a web module that match /web and is depoyed in /web<br/><br/>I don't understand why IDEA revolve file from the current directory (the dir where the page physically is, which can be in any subdir of /web) and not from the deployment root /<br/><br/>any help welcome, that would help me clean up my files.</p>

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Try to ajust your context folder via Hector panel


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