Ctrl-Fx key shortcuts: how does it work?


Using IJ Idea 12.04 CE on Xubuntu 12.10 x64. The keybinding of the OS is the default English US.

I tried the Ctrl-F11 shortcut which means "Navigate | Bookmarks | Toggle Bookmark With Mnemonic". But it doesn't work. I go to Settings / Keymap, navigate to "Navigate | Bookmarks | Toggle Bookmark With Mnemonic", trying to delete and recreate the same Ctrl-F11 keystroke but Idea doesn't recognize Ctrl + Function keys. Is it an issue of my OS or Idea? Can you please confirm?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Ralph,

IJ doesn't have any restrictions for Ctrl+Fx bindings. E.g. they work fine udner my gnome environment.



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