Debugger Glassfish

I'm not able to debug my application.
I put the breakpoints on lines but nothing happens.
In the debug logs appears that the startup was successful and that debugging is enabled on port 9009.
I activated in the settings of the JVM Glassfish to accept debugging but still nothing happens.

I need help.

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First, are you sure the code with breakpoints is being actually executed? (you may check it by adding trace output to the lines with breakpoints)

If you are sure, please provide more information:

- what is your IDEA version?
- what is your GlassFish version?
- what is your OS?
- do you have breakpoints in .java or in .jsp files?
- attach the screenshot of IDEA with the file with breakpoints open at
the time server is running and the application is deployed
- attach all project files without the sources (<project root>/.idea folder)
- attach GlassFish log
- attach complete textual content of the Output tab of the run configuration

Please also check my comments at dedicated to GF debug problems.



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