Spring validation preventing compilation


I have a webapplication where the spring configuration is split in several files.

Those files have beans referencing each other and IDEA highlights some bean definition as errors.

Problem is this seem to prevent project build (and especially compilation).

I tried to modify the Spring filesets to include the relevant files and thus get rid of the errors but couldn't manage to modify any of them (i get a dialog where i can check spring files, but no modification is kept when validating)

edit : this is using 7002

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Hello Thibaut,

There's an option to disable "validation on build" (in the "Options" pane
of the facet).
AFAIK current behavior of being unable to edit fileset fill be fixed soon.

As a workaround you can try to create a new fileset, and add all your file
to that one.


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what i did to solve the problem was uninstall spring plugin.

Waiting for th next eap build now :)


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