"Smarter" Goto Class/File/Symbol

Has anybody else been irritated by the fact that e.g. the "Find" dialog seems to be somewhat "smarter" than e.g. the "Goto class" popup in the following sense:
When you mark some text in the current editor and press CtrlF, the "Text to find" input field will be pre-populated with your selection whereas a comparable functionality for CtrlN etc. is missing.
When you are working in files where Ctrl+B etc. are not working (such as text files, log files, some XML files, JSP fragments etc.), I think that such a "Smarter Goto" functionality would be immensely helpful.
If you share this opinion, please vote for http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/IDEA-12759 (which Jetbrains seems to be quite hesitant to deal with).

Thanks and best regards,

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