Call Hierarchy bindings don't work well on groovy files

I am running the latest Mountin Lion on Mac with Intellij 12.0.1 123.94 and am having issues getting my bindings for Call Hierarchy to work.  I have gotten it work a couple times on groovy files, but out of nowhere it stops.  Pure Java files seem to be ok with the bindings, but groovy seems to have issues.  I have tried numerous binding keys and all seem to fail to do anything.  Primarliy I am trying with ALT + SHIFT + H, which will tend to produce a Ó character.  All other alt based bindings work though, so it's a little strange.  This issue is forcing me to use Find Usages which is cumbersome.  Let me know what you need to help get this resolved.


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Hi Ken,

Call Hierarchy does not support Groovy. I've created an issue. Feel free to vote for it.

Max Medvedev


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