ClearCase: How do I limit the history

cleartool lshistory takes to much time to fetch entire history. How I can say fetch first 100 only or how do I limit size like

cleartool lshistory -last 100 from plugin

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Dear Rambabu,

Thank you for the feedback.

RT> cleartool lshistory takes to much time to fetch
RT> entire history.

1. I will implement this option in one of the future releases.
2. "much time" - how much? (just interesting...)

best wishes,
Michael Gerasimov,
Software Developer
JetBrains, Inc

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I have more than 1000 history it is taking 1.5 min to 2 minutes and more over I don't use all previous history except last 50 transactions.

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I would also like to cast my vote in favour of such option.

Out of curiosity I tried to fetch history for one of the most intensively modified classes in our project (I attach a "Bird's eye" screenshot, which shows only a portion of the tree). It has 30 revisions on the main branch and probably several hundred revisions on tens of branches in total. It took 64 seconds for the plugin to try to obtain the history and after that it failed with a "String out of bounds: -1" message box. I checked the idea.log, but could not find any error messages.

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Also, is it possible to (optionally) not show obsolete branches in the history?

Let's do it proper, I have just created the following tickets to track the requests:


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