Annoying messages auto-show

I enabled a setting that attempts to build when changes are made.  However, this seems to cause some rather annoying behaviors that I just can't figure out how to correct.  If I start typing something (but don't complete the line) and pause for a second, it will start a build and automatically show the messages window with errors.

How can I disable the auto-showing of the message window after a build?  This is very annoying as it steals focus and cannot be easily closed without using the mouse to minimize it again and also causes my windows to constantly resize when it pops up.

On further checking, this appears to have happened as a side-effect of the eclipse mode plugin.  Disabling that plugin stops the messages window from showing up.

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You are not only one who is annoyed by these messages, so it will be fixed very soon. ;)
But until it's fixed you can go to Settings->Notifications and setup Compiler to not show popup at all.


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