Code completion changes in IDEA 11 -> 12. Should I submit a bug?

Hi guys,

Since I updated to version 12 (I have 12.0.3 now however it changed in the major release) code completion seems to have gotten much worse. The main point where I notice it is when I go to declare something final.

E.g. 11.1.5

Whereas in 12.0.3

The code completeion settings are exactly the same in both versions. I quickly checked through the IDEA youtrack but couldn't really find anything related. I am planning to submit a bug for the however I have noticed some projects prefer discussion in the forums before hand to avoid filling their issue tracker with junk. So, should I submit a bug? It has been driving me crazy as I have picked up a habit of declaring everything that can be final as final.



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Yes, please submit a bug


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