Websphere 6 configuration issues


I find Idea's Websphere support to be very destructive and it can't correctly handle RAD Enterprise Application projects. This may simply be due to my own misunderstanding about how to configure the projects in Idea so I will explain and someone might be able to tell me where I am going wrong:

In RAD I have a Web project called dsv. This contains all of the java, jsp and static content of my web application. I also have a separate Enterprise Application project called dsvEAR which contains the application.xml file and references my dsv Web project for the WAR file. When I deploy to WAS6 from within RAD I include the dsvEAR project and it works out the rest in terms of creating the EAR etc.

In Idea I have configured the dsv project as a Java project with a Web facet and a JavaEE Application facet. The Web facet creates the dsv.war file. The JavaEE Application facet references the Web facet and creates the EAR file which gets deployed.

RAD adds a module config to the application.xml file as:

dsv.war dsv whereas Idea adds a module config as: dsv.war dsv ]]>

This causes a problem because the context-root element is duplicated in the two modules. I want to make Idea work with the pre-configured and working RAD configurations and not add it's own stuff in?

If I deploy from RAD it deploys as dsvEAR (the name of the Enterprise Application project) and shows up as such in the WAS6 admin console. If I then stop the server without uninstalling the EAR and deploy from Idea it deploys as dsv (the name of the Java project) and fails because it says there are duplicate projects on the server and there are conflicts.

My ideal Websphere support from within Idea would be completely non-destructive. I think of RAD as the baseline and Idea should use the same configuration when it deploys. If it works in RAD I don't want Idea changing things so that when I switch back to RAD I have to start undoing all of the changes from Idea?

I'll try to capture the errors that occur from these issues when they next happen and I'll add them to a Jira request.


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