Trying to get intelliJ 12 started for android...not working at all.

I NEVER EVER make accoutns to ask questions because everything is asked but after a couple days of searching I can find no solution.

Coming from eclipse, I am use to an IDE generating an AndroidManifest.xml and res folder.  IntelliJ seems to do neither.

Ive made my own AndroidManifest.xml file added it to the project and pointed the settings to the correct path and it still says the manifest is missing.
I've double triple checked the file paths for everything and everything looks correct from SDK and JDK.

Eclipse works right out of the box for me *Has horrible bugs which is why im not using it now..* but intelliJ makes me want to tear off my arm and eat it. What am I doing wrong? This has sucked up so much development time.

I've even checked the option for a Hello World project to be generated and that doesn't even seem to generate at all.

Project tree


External Libraries
-Android 4.1.2 Google API's

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Hello, Steve

Could you please attach your iml file?


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