12.0.3 slow java inspector?

Just noticed that the inspector is too slow, which wasn't the case a month ago. The case:

A 200-lines java file with 1 class inside and 10 errors. Each error is a reference to non-existing field of the the class. I add the field and it takes IDEA at least 3 seconds to stop highligting the first error that I see on the screen.

I noticed roughly the same behaviour in other classes. I add a missing field and start scrolling down to error marks (on the right scrollbar) to see what else is left to fix. As the lines with errors appear on the screen they're still highlighed red, but in a second the highlighting disappears. I scroll further down and again, they're still red, but as I look at the screen, the highlighting disappears.

This is totally wrong as all errors should stop being highlighted at "once", not as I scroll down the file. And that's how it was in previous versions of IDEA. Has something changed to affect the performance? Could it be a plugin? The only plugin I added recently is Scala's, but there is no Scala in the project I'm working on.

Needless to say, I'm not on a 486 box working with a floppy disk.

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Please check http://devnet.jetbrains.net/docs/DOC-192 for common causes and ways to report more data for us to debug.


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