Any way to develop Groovy in IDEA 7 m1?

Thank you for reading my post
is there any way to develop Groovy based application in IDEA 7 m1?
can you please give me details if i need to download a plugin?



Hi Legolas!
Your question is a little vague and it would be helpful to know what kind of application you are trying to develop. It depends on what kind of functionality you're looking for and what size application you are trying to build. For simple scripts you could just use a text editor and the groovy console. For a large application where you want more advanced functionality, Jetbrains is working on a Groovy/Grails plugin. It is not ready for Prime-time yet but it will offer debugging, code completion, etc. If you can't wait for them to release the 0.1 release you can download the source of the plugin and build it. I wrote directions on how to do that here:

Notice that #4 should read :
4. Add tools.jar and idea.jar to the intellij SDK

Keep in mind that this plugin is a major undertaking by the Jetbrains people and although it is pretty impressive already, the 1.0 version is still a long ways away.

Good luck!


The latest version from SVN won't work with 7.0 m1, it even no longer works with latest EAPs. That's way beyond the bleeding edge ;)


I found only one area of offending code which I was able to comment out. We need to keep in mind that the Jetbrains folks don't intend for this to be released for eap yet, but if you're hardcore enough, have fun!


On the positive side, however, you know what new openapi will be released in the next EAP:)


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