Code changes aren't packaged to WAR file when using AspectJ plugin in Maven project

When I run Make Project my WAR file were not updated even though there were changes in code. Rebuild Project helps, but I don't want to use it all the time. Problem appeared after I added AspectJ plugin in pom.xml. After this using maven from command line everything works fine, but when building from Idea new WAR file were not generated. I did some research and found out that although changes were compiled to ./target/classes/xxx. They weren't compiled to to ./target/artifact-1.0.0/WEB-INF/classes/xxx. Is this a bug or am I missing somethings?


Make sure what you have enabled "Build on make" checkbox on the artifact (Project Structure -> Artifacts)


"Build on make" wasn't enabled. I enabled it to every artifact, but problem didn't go away. I will try to get time for making an skeleton project today.


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