EAP 6951 - file synchronization broken for non-VCS files?

Using 6951 on Windows XPSP2, I have seen IDEA will not update the read-only status of a non-VCS file which I change from read-only to writeable using external terminal.
(The situation is the files are in a VCS, but on a different system. I have the files remotely mounted on my desktop. I have to logon to the remote system to checkout these particular files). I have tried it on 5 such files and IDEA never removes the read-only status, even if I press Synchronize button. There are no RCOD exceptions.

This has been working fine in previous EAPs. It seems something broke in 6951. Anybody else seeing this problem?

I have "Synchronize files on frame activation" and "Save files on frame activation" turned ON.

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Yes - it seems so.
Especially if I have opened 2 separate projects the VCS self-actualisation does not work proper.


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There is an issue for it:

Voting for it might help get it out of the feedback category and on to getting fixed.


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