Davide Baroncelli wrote on 19/04/07 16:15:

May I suggest "Ivy integration as a replacement system for the internal library management"? :-D

Given that Team City generates Ivy stuff I wouldn't be surprised to see
something like this.

But if they do - make it a plugable API so that Maven, or the
forthcoming JDK7 superpackage foo could be 'easily' plugged in.


I'd love to see better ivy integration as well. Perhaps in the same way that eclipse .classpath files can be used to specify dependencies, support ivy as a config option.


I've seen that maven support is on the roadmap (or at least is in jira as a planned enhancement), so I'm afraid it will be the other way round: there will be maven support, and a buggy ivy plugin based on the open api, sigh sigh sigh.


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