Share .idea folder between users?

Hi Folks,

We've just hired a couple of new developers, and as I prefer Intellij (Used it for years as a java IDE, then discovered the PHP plugin, and now use it as a PHP IDE!), I'm getting the new staff to use it instead of Netbeans.  But two days in, we found a bit of an issue... - being that for quite a few projects, we all point at one codebase on the dev server - so we're all sharing the one .idea folder.  Which means that randomly (I think whenever someone opens or closes a file), everyone else's Idea goes 'your settings have been modified', and then it restarts idea and gives you the other developer's open tabs!  With one copy of Idea, and multiple copies of netbeans, it worked quite nicely, with source code refreshing in front of you if someone else updated it.. But now with multiple Idea's it's getting messy..

Is there a way around this?  We quickly tried moving the .idea folder somewhere else, but then it doesn't find the source code..




There are config files whilch keep env-local information (e.g. workspace.xml), so, you can just not keep that files at the shared place.



Thanks Denis,

So how do we change the location of the workspace.xml?




It's not configurable, i.e. it's located at .idea all the time. How do you share .idea? We submit it into VCS and just don't include local environment-related files (e.g. workspace.xml).



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