Building the deployment artifact

I am trying to understand how to create my deployment artifcat correctly.
Everything seems to be in the right place with the exception of the resources, test and testdata folders. In order to get the contents of the resources directory in the correct place I had to "add directory content" from the Artifacts page.
Which is fine, but when I deploy I see the resources directory along with test and testdata which I do not want.

I don't need the resources direcotry as the conents of this directory (log4j stuff) should be at the same level as config, com and the other directories. I just can't seem to get the other 3 directoires to not deploy.
My first thought was under Modules just exlude them, but they show as already excluded - see screen shots.

Thanks for any guideance you can provide.

1-25-2013 1-36-00 PM.png
1-25-2013 2-07-15 PM.png
1-25-2013 2-10-38 PM.png
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As I can see your definition of your source root the behaviour of IDEA is logical.
You should only define src/main/java as source root and src/test/java and src/test/resources as test roots.
You can also define src/main/resources as source root if you want having the content of the resources directory along with the compile output of src/main/java.

The definition of src as source root will copy all files below src into the output path (compile output).



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