How can I configure the default VCS?


Whenever I start a new project in IntelliJ 11/12 subversion is set as default VCS. I am sure, that I never configured any default VCS. I want to choose the VCS for every project newly (because every project has different requirements regarding the VCS).
When I open IntelliJ 12 and go to Configure -> Project Defaults or Configure -> Settings I am not able to select any VCS...

Where is the catch?


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Hello nco.jetbrain,

1) it might be so that some parent directory is Subversion working copy root, like:

/wc_root <svn working copy root>
     -------<checkout directory>

in this situation VCS autodetection might think that it's Subversion project.

2) VCS mappings are set and may be changed in Settings | Version Control - there's a table with mappings.

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Hello Irina!

Thank you for your tip. There was a .svn in the grand-grand-grand-...-parent directory.



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