Java mod + Spring facet: No option to add spring beans config file in

I've added a spring facet to my java module. However when I use alt+insert in the project pane I don't get an option to add a spring beans file. If I add in a regular xml file, I need to add the <?xml and DOCTYPE tags myself for Intellij autocompletion to work.

1. I see the spring beans file template under j2ee. Maybe that's why it doesn't appear as an option (I'm trying to add a file into a java module). If that's the case, that should be corrected so that java modules facetzied with spring also can add bean descriptors

More generally though there should be a way of customizing the file templates that appear when adding a file.


Ok silly me. I can quickly add a file template and duplicate the spring beans file template to let me do what I need. But I guess it would be cooler if IntelliJ provided that template right out of the box


I think next build includes templates (dtd-1.0, dtd-2.0, xsd), and the possibility
to create them through "New..." menu.


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