What is up with the IJ12 ultimate editor/parser??

I am seeing a series of very serious issues in the latest IJ12 ultimate.

  • I have posted already that cut and paste even within same document can result in corrupted text.
  • I am regularly seeing "File has changed on disk. Load file system changes?"  The problems i have with this:
  •             the local file was not changed outside of IJ
  •             IJ reverts to a much older version and loses hours worth of local file history.
  •           This tells me it is not about the disk. It is a symptom of internal buffer corruption in IJ
  • I am editing a file, and no parsing is occurring.  When that happens it tends to mean there is internal corruption (yet again)

I have already disabled scala and ruby plugins. Which is a showstopper in the longer run: i will dump IJ if I can not get those back within a few months.

But even with those plugins disabled., these corruption issues are  occurring.

Someone at IJ please acknowledge that

  • editor buffer corruptions are occurring.
  • (hopefully): under what conditions they seem to be happening
  • any fixes in the works?


stephen boesch

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Note: i just did "check for updates" and it says I have the latest version.

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I typed the following text into current java class .


      hello?? Notice the GREEN parser symbol and lack of red on this?

The small box in upper right is GREEN.   The text is normal black (not red), except for the word "this" that is blue .

So .. the syntax highlighting is happening. But the parser seems stuck part way.

I have exited IJ twice and re-opened, no help .. same issue.
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File Cache Conflict dialog came up again. I just had it happen to the same file 30 minutes ago and have not done anything but open and close IJ and make changes to the file within IJ.

I just checked the file mod date and permissions. they look fine: the owner is the same user running IJ.

-rw-rw-r-- 1 stephenb stephenb 24605 Jan 14 17:11 CurlToS3Job.java

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A short term solution appears to be to close the editor tab for the file that continues to get corrupted. NOT simply closing IJ itself: that did not work: even after restarting IJ the file would continue to not be parsed properly and be corrupted frequently.

Let's see if this 'pattern' holds up.

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Found the problem.  I have a sym-linked directory that points back to directory already contained directly in the project.  IJ gets all confused over this.

The resolution is to exclude the sym-linked directory from the project sources.


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