no variables or stack trace available when debugging Flex unit tests

Debugging my application swf works fine but when i run my flex unit tests in debug mode the debugger brake but I cant get any other information.

where the stack trace is usually shown i get the following:

For diagnostic purposes stack trace follows: in [my filename].as:[my breakepoint row]

Variables are not available and I can't follow the execution when stepping.

intelliJ version: 12.0.2

flash debugger version: 11,5,502,136

Any information on what I am doing wrong would be very appreciated.


To evaluate the problem I need either a reproducible  sample or logs.
Instructions how to get logs:

  • remove old logs (to find logs location use Help | Reveal Log)
  • edit file <IDEA installation>/bin/log.xml and add following category there after the last appender:
    <category name="com.intellij.lang.javascript.flex.debug">
      <priority value="DEBUG"/>

  • launch IntelliJ IDEA, reproduce the bug.

After that please attach log file here. If it contains sensitive data you may send it directly to me: alexander dot doroshko at jetbrains dot com.


Thank you. I made the changes to log.xml and ran a simple test with one breakpoint.

log file attached.


Thank you! Some error happens inside fdb tool from Flex SDK. As I see Flex SDK version is 3.6, and what is FlexUnit version? May be changing Flex SDK to 4.x will help (at least you can try to configure a separate build configuration with Flex SDK 4.x for running tests).
I hope I'll be able to understand its cause and find a workaround if you can attach a sample project to reproduce the problem.


Thank you!

I am able to reproduce this in a fresh sample project. When I switch to flex 4.6, everything works fine but in 3.6 I still have the same issues.

I am using flexunit-4.1.0-33-as3_3.5.0.12683.swc

Flex SDK versions:

I have attached the sample project.

I can't use the 4.6 build configuration fix for debugging straight away since I get some dependency conflicts. But I guess I might be able to solve that.


Can't reproduce. Debuging works as expected or me with your sample project.


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