Show diff for new file: spilt screen + green background don't add value

Many "master" views related to VCS support have a "Show Diff" detail dialog.

I've always though it to be a bit silly that invoking "Show Diff" for newly
added files behaves the same way as a regular diff (with actual differences):
-left part of the screen is always empty, while right is often not full visible
-right part is fully covered with a green "added" background. A backgroud
color is useful to distinguish between different sections, but in this case
there's no use.
I would even say that the 100% green background makes reading the code less
-right side is always scrolled to the end of the added files (showing just
the last line).

So, when I'm browsing changes in CVS/SVN, for new files I always have to:
1) scroll up
2) drag the middle pane to the left to get more "code reading space".

Wouldn't it be better if "Show Diff" for newly added files would just work
like this:
-without a left pane (there's nothing to compare with)
-without a background
-scrolled to the top

Comments welcome...


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