Have you run Apt to Generate Them?

I'm using Intellij Ultimate version 9.0.1.

I followed along with JAX-WS tutorial very carefully (though version 9 seems to take care of creating the web facet for you now)... exposing the Java class as a web service and generating WSDL, etc., but when I try to run the web service against Tomcat 6, I get the following strange error:

Wrapper class net.myDomain.files.jaxws.GetBinaryFile is not found. Have you run APT to generate them?


If this is an internal configuration issue, why isn't IDEA taking care of it (for example, copying files, etc.) for me, or at least give me a menu option to generate something I have to do manually. There seems to be an implied-but-not-stated step here somewhere.

If not, what am I missing here,

Thanks in advance to any replies and suggestions.

-- M


Hello Mork!
All you need is just to call WebServices -> "Expose class as WebService" action from editor popup menu. This will generate proxies for your web service.


Well, I've seemed to run into this problem again in version 12.

There doesn't seem to be an option to "Expose as a web service". I see things like Generate WSDL from Java class (which I did).

What I can't seem to get working is the JaxWS stuff. There's no option I can find to have INTELLIJ IDEA generate the endpoint information in the file "sun-jaxws.xml" or put the necessary files in the jaxws folder it should create and maintain.

SEVERE: WSSERVLET11: failed to parse runtime descriptor: runtime modeler error: Wrapper class service.jaxws.GetCities is not found. Have you run APT to generate them?

Very frustrating and time consuming trying to figure out why IDEA isn't generating things and knowing what still needs to be generated. My WS code is done. I'm just trying to get IDEA to work...

Manually creating the sun-jaxws.xml file is only part of the battle. There are stubs that need to be generated too that IDEA isn't (generating).



- m


My posting here turns out to be another known IDEA 12 bug:



No response yet on when this huge bug will be fixed. No workarounds that I know of
except to try to do everything manually (why have an IDE at all in this case?).

With the two large bugs I've run into since version 12 came out, I'm feeling like a beta tester lately...

(My project is now on hold).

In my project (or the project created directly from JetBrain's demo), I never get the intention
pop-up to "Expose As Web Service" when I hover my mouse over the @WebService() annotation.

That isn't working either!  No JaxWS artifcats being created.

Wasn't version 12 tested before release?

This bug is something very basic that should have been
caught with testing.

Hopefully 12.0.3 that corrects this bug will be out this weekend (January 19, 20, 2013)

- m

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