Disable subversion without disabling the plugin?

We're using Git for source control, and Jira for issue management. The Jira plugin requires the Subversion plugin, so I can't disable subversion (I realize I may have to bug Atlassian about changing that).

I switch between branches frequently that build different maven modules, so IDEA adds & removes modules when I switch. Whenever a module is added, a Subversion VCS root is added for the module...so every time I switch branches I have to open preferences, go to Version Control, and delete all the subversion roots (otherwise everything shows in red for those modules and Git integration won't work).

Is there any way to keep the Subversion plugin from adding VCS roots for new modules?


The only reason, that I can think of, of why IntelliJ IDEA would automatically add a subversion root to the Version Control settings is if it detects a .svn directory.  Does your source have .svn directories? (Remember, the .svn directory is normally a hidden directory.) .svn directories may be present if the project was ported from Subversion to Git. If you delete those it should resolve your issue.

I do not believe there is any way to turn off the auto discovery behavior.


no, definitely not:

steven@lappy386:~/d/w/product (master * u=)
↪ find . |grep svn
steven@lappy386:~/d/w/product (master * u=)


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