Minor issue when splitting a file into multiple windows

When a variable or class gets selected in the last opened window, it becomes highlighted in all the windows.
Would it be possible to have different highlighted words in the different windows?
Sorry if my English isn't perfect, it's not my first language. If my question isn't clear I can provide screenshots to better illustrate the issue.
Thanks in advance and thanks for the awesome IDE, it really is without parallel.

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Welcome to the IDEA community.

I do not believe that is possible. The reason why is that even though the file is shown in two windows, it is still the same virtual file (or document) in memory. So anything that happens in one window, such as editing and highlighting, happens in the other. You can open a
feature request to ask that variable highlighting be decoupled between the views. I'm not sure how hard of an undertaking that is in the IDEA code base. Ironically, I actually like the fact that the variable is highlighted in both windows. It allows me to see its use simultaneously in two parts of the code. So if such a change was made, I personally would want it to be configurable. Being able to change it on the fly without having to go into the settings dialog would be really cool.

As a workaround, you can use the find feature (ctrl+F). That is decoupled (in other words, different) in each window. So you can search for variable in the one window, and then use variable highlighting, or do another search, in the other window.

On a side note... no need to apologize for your English. It is far better than some people I know for whom it is their first (and only) language. :)

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Thanks for the thorough response, it's a pleasure dealing with you guys.
I created an issue, I don't know if that's the right way to go for a feature request. In case it isn't, sorry!
Have a good day!


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